Sunday, October 24, 2010

What part of the this article's Orlando Sentinel comment-ghetto submission merits the response, "Comment cannot be posted with profanity"?

"Hey Mike, since yr on a media-commentary kick:

Sam Z and Randy Michaels (betcha those two Manly Men would guffaw right along at those open-carry fashion faux pas jokes...good stuff). Alas...Trib Co. problems are a little too close to home, izzit? Sooo much easier to flick a lazy booger at NPR.

Too bad. 'Cause enquiring minds encounter the arguments of folks like McChesney and Nichols ( and can't help but wonder what a rich and consequential vein of discussion, analysis and debate you have in this subject. And there's zero chance the collapsing of the 'print media' business model isn't front and center in the minds of newspaper columnists-cum-bloggers like yourself."

Maybe the OS doesn't want to talk about it's corporate dirty laundry?

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  1. cum blogger...cum is analogous to male semen. THAT is probably what got you.

    Here's mine:
    Ever think that people hate Christians because they are hypocritical, judgemental, controlling, narrow-minded, homophobic, mysogynistic, holier-than-thou, cheating, adulterous, stealing, liars that merely use salvation as an excuse for their own guilty minds in order to merely continue their behaviors with a clear concience?

    The bible doesn't fare any better. You have three conflicting methods of salvation with no, one, clear-cut method to save your own butt from hell (a very self-centered action!). which has nothing to do about others, and everything to do about YOU!

    There is the Old Testament Rabbi, the new Testament by works and by grace.

    God is perfect. He couldn't have screwed-up the bible the way only man could have...after all, man created God in man's image. Loathing, megalomaniacal, jealous, cunning, manipulative, self-centered, and truly unforgiving...contrary to what anyone says.

    The bible has a nasty buildup to a, supposed, happy ending. Bloody waters, fire from the sky, plagues, death and destruction...makes me want to join THAT Only to go to a "heaven" where the God, which is so insecure that He created man to support his own poor ego which is in need of constant worship and praise to reassure Himself that he is God.

    Now do you wonder why Christians get persecuted?