Monday, October 17, 2011

'profane' (?) post disallowed by Sentinel commenting software

Huh. I'm a decently wired Grayson-booster, but I've yet to hear the man use the phrase 'war on error'...which is alright. B/c it strikes me as a silly, incoherent way to describe what a NYT reporter has more aptly called our 'forever wars'.

Maybe someone should should lend Mark Matthews a clue: the 'blogosphere' includes these nifty little widgets called 'hyperlinks'. When someone makes a fact claim--esp one few have ever heard of--such a person can just link the supporting evidence right there into the text! Wow! Neat!

The less-elegant comment-section version would be as follows (, which is a link to what google offers when one searches the phrase 'war on error' (note: zero references to Grayson).



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