Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"...She said to me/ 'Hey, why not ask for more?'..."

Regarding Scott Maxwell's comment on the evil-dipshit-fest going on in the FL GOP Gubernatorial primary:

20 million frickin' people in this state...that's double the size of entire industrialized NATIONS like Sweden, Hungary, The Czechs, Portugal.

The Netherlands and Australia are OECD countries in the same ballpark, population-wise.

What's yr best guess as to whether any of these countries mentioned do better or worse than the US as a whole or--for longshot lovers--Florida specifically, in terms of a leading societal-wellbeing indicator like infant mortality? The closest (i.e. 'next-worst') to the US (6.8%), Florida specifically (7.2%), or Orange county (9.1%) would be the Aussies, at 5% & Holland at 4.9%.


20 million people in this sprawling 'megastate', and Meek/Sink/McFlanders/Scott/Greene/Crist is the best set of statewide candidates the political class can round up. Pitiful.


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