Monday, March 1, 2010

Hank Fishkind is an asshole, and other obvious gleanings.

From Aaron Deslatte's Feb 28th piece in the Sentinel posing the comical question of whether the disastrous incoming state legislature session can create jobs (hint: they're not really trying to):

" 'They [tax cuts/credits] don't create a lot of jobs, and they don't create them quickly. But they're a step in the right direction,' said Orlando economist Hank Fishkind."

What Hank the biz community whisperer is saying, is that while the Hooverdopolos legislature's welfare-to-the-donor-class has, literally, nothing to do with the crisis, it's a 'step in the right direction' in the same sense that Nero's fiddling while Rome burned was a helpful contribution:

it's a horrible failure of leadership, morally grotesque, and stupid...but hey! Who doesn't like a fiddle tune?

This and this are among the things they'll never talk about--not honestly--but which have the refreshing virtue of speaking to the crisis at hand.


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