Wednesday, July 22, 2009

re: wanking away in the cyber-sub-basement of the local am right wing radio news page. To wit:

...Grayson, who was in Orlando Monday for a meeting of his economic advisory panel, says Republicans who criticize the stimulus package are just flat-out wrong.

"Well, they don't know anything about Orlando. That much is clear," said Grayson...

Alan's right. It's Go-Big or Go-Home Time for us.
He's serious about holding people accountable for responsibly using gummint dollars, and he's shown that he 'gets it' that giveaways are crazy: good steweards demand a return on investments, and a veto power on stupidity. This pushback on bankers-first arch-technocrat Ben Bernanke went up just today on you tube.

He led with Ron Paul on the Fed Audit bill that got killed in the Senate.

But as important, Grayson also sees the crying need to keep stimulating this cratered--still cratering--FL economy, and 'gets it' that shifting dollars and services down to the less-affluent, aside from the moral considerations of Christian charity, is the MOST stimulative way to prime the pump.

As for deficits, post-war western countries in the past have run near to %100 budget surpluses and come out okay (after WWII the US deficit ran to 120% of GDP). The US today has a $14 TRILLION annual GDP, with a $1.7 TRILLION annual deficit. Around 12%.

Our military budget alone last year was over $700 BILLION--about 8 TIMES the spending of the next world's biggest spender, hard-righties out there want to complain about out-of-control spending, how about you 'never forget' this number!

The (1st) Obama stimulus was $787 billion--$260 billion of friggin tax cuts--to disperse over two years, '09 and '10...and that's all the bondo we came up with to fill in a $1.3 TRILLION GAPING hole in economic demand.

We can and should do another stimulus. The shame is that it wasn't done right the first time.


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