Monday, June 29, 2009

From the Orlando Sentinel comment boards I waste too much time on. The article under discussion is this one:,0,3886177.story

Doorworker {myself} said:
"...The other thing: Climate change is real; worst-case models are being shown as undershooting the pace of change; and we are already above the consensus estimate of irreversible levels of greenhouse gasses..."
Well then what is the use? Why are we worried about the barn doors now for? If the climate has been irrevocably trashed why am I going to be forced to pay for something that can not be changed? Although you know what the real solution to restoring the planet is, sterialize the human race. This 4.6 billion year old planet will restore itself with life after People. Hell it has survived mass extinctions before.
My response:
George Carlin has it right on this, **IF** you keep in mind he was a fabulously wealthy and pedestal-hoisted dude, whose closest loved ones will be the last to ever have to taste the worst of what "global weirding" has on tap...a point that reminds me of 'Charlie' schooling Barton Fink on his 'tourist with a typewriter' BS, aka cheap vacationing in other people's misery (great movie...Coen Bros are the best). That in mind, 'the earth is fine, it's the people who are fuxed'. Amen to that. But I have kids...that 'man is a bad animal' nihilism grows horns and a snake-tongue for me when I see stuff like this

or this

...and think that our species' competitive advantage is in our forward-looking capacity; our technological abilities (not least the invention of science); and our genius for pattern-seeking, organization and cooperation (too often expressed in warmaking, but even so). So yeah, I worry about the 'barn door' even still. But then I'm one who's read a misanthropic madness into what passes for 'free market' capitalism for as long as I've understood the term.

Anyway, here's the Carlin bit:

And as for the EVEN GREATER madness of how it could be that, as our country slouches day by day further into disaster, we do so amidst the howling of wingnut authoritarian populists terrified about losing the 'freedom' to completely enslave and poison them/ourselves and our children--this article strikes me as pretty right on:


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